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Welcome to the Urban Herbology Crafting Course!
We are so delighted that you are here and have chosen to study with Urban Herbology. We look forward to helping you along your herb crafting journey! We are certain that you will enjoy the course and find it very beneficial. Below are some links and tips on how to get going and what to do if you need any help.

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Course organisation
There are 4 levels of unit access in this course. This is to help you to build skills as you progress through the 32 units. The levels are called A, B, C, D. The course units are in the Study Area.

Student's starting the course begin with access to all the units at Level A - there are 13 Level A units, 11 of them require you to feedback to your tutor via the course forum or email. When you have successfully completed the Level A work and your tutor has marked it, you can move on to the Level B units, and so on.

The Welcome unit contains full details about how the course works.

Help and guidance
The assessed tasks for this course are mostly feedback, from you to your tutor, about how you get along with the practical tasks. You will hand in the work through the course Forum or email. Your tutor will provide feedback to help keep you on track. Your tutor is Lynn Shore.

If you need help anytime, simply email her or join one of the Friday evening Zooms to have a chat about it. The Zooms happen fortnightly. There is also forum support between students and the private Facebook group but mostly, feedback is from your tutor.

Reflective summary
When you have completed all the units, you will complete the course by sending a simple reflective summary to your tutor. The format of your summary can be anyway you like! Maybe you will decide to write a short report, maybe an annotated drawing or even a poem using herbal inks. Whatever suits you best!

When you have worked through the whole course, you will receive the Urban Herbology Crafting Course certificate.

Questions / Stopping / Pausing / Help
If you need to stop your participation on the course or put it on hold for a while please contact Lynn Shore via email (urbanherbologylynn(at) This is never a problem as we know that life happens and you will always be welcome to pick up where you left off.

This course is a personal journey, so there is no pressure but there is plenty of support when needed.