Viburnum opulus - Cramp bark


Workshops and Walks
Due to the current COVID regulations, I am not setting dates for workshops at present. However, I can offer small group walks:

Small group walks - Restarted
I have begun offering 1.5m walks for 3 people (4 in total). The public walks are advertised on Meetup. If any apprentices would like to gather for a small group walk (max. 3 of you plus me) then let me know. I have a lot of availability coming up from 6th - 18th April. Please let me know if you have availability too and would like to meet.

Let's Zoom... (Photocredit: Bees - BDM advocaten - Amsterdam - No idea what they do but I love the photo.)

Next Zoom Meetings:
Friday 16th April - 19:30 - 20:15
Foraging - Peak Season
We are entering the peak foraging season of the year so I would this session to be about the key plants to look out for in your area. Have a look at the Beltane unit, if you have time beforehand, as that contains a great many herbs for mid-peak spring.

Friday 30th April - 19:30 - 20:15
Sweet preserves
Let's take a look at sweet ways to preserve herbs and extract their fabulous constituents. We will talk honeys, plant syrups, glycerine and elixirs - the pros and cons of each. If you would like to work along as we Zoom, have ready some fresh or dried herb, small clean dry glass jar, honey / plant alternative such as Agave syrup, maybe also some favoured spirit (Brandy / Vodka / Jenever etc), chopstick (or something for gently poking the herbs). You may also like to set up a simple flower / leaf syrup - if so, have ready organic sugar (ideally minimally processed such as cane sap cakes) and some fresh herb material (look out for Elderflowers, roses etc.).

Friday 14th May - 19:30 - 20:15
Drying in small spaces
This session will discuss how to effectively dry herbs in small spaces (and big spaces, if that's possible). We will centre it around the herbs available a-plenty at this time of year.

Here's the regular Zoom link
Our regular Zoom gathering is every two weeks on Friday evening.

Online Zooming for past and present apprentices began in April 2020. If that's you, drop in anytime! No experience is needed - No pressure to attend each time - Just drop in when you like!

This is a good opportunity to have a chat with Lynn, ask any questions and sometimes we plan ahead to make herbal preparations together such as creams, elixirs, pills, and tinctures. We chat about anything - not only herb stuff. I think it's always nice to put a face to a name, especially if you are following the course from another country.

Urban Herbology is now a registered training provider with the CMA

New Unit - Inks
This was created due to the Zoom session on 30th October, where Lynn and Livvy showed how to make a simple and useful ink from the coal fungus. The unit mentions many alternatives, which make useful inks.

We are delighted that Urban Herbology became a registered training school with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), during summer 2020.

Each course within the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship is being individually evaluated by the CMA. The first two, Urban Herbology Foraging and Urban Herbology Crafting have been approved and are now Accredited by and Registered with the CMA. The other courses will be evaluated next year.

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